STOYS is a service based school management system that provides convenient solutions for your educational institute to perform tasks related to education and management.


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STOYS’ hidden power that causes it to function seamlessly comes from the perfect harmony of its modules. Data is entered to STOYS once, and then the disks start running, making the data available to all the modules.



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As institutions grow, their data grow exponentially. After some point, these data becomes difficult to manage. At this level, you will face problems such as data consistency, security concerns, data backup, and extensive server costs. By using STOYS, you will mitigate all these problems. Thanks to STOYS' service based infrastructure, your data is held on Amazon Web Services Databases, used also by giant companies such as twitter, friendfeed and tumblr.

Bulut Bilişiminde Siz de Yerinizi Alın

Take Your Spots in Cloud

It is a great convenience to reach data from wherever you are. You will have this advantage by keeping your data in the cloud with STOYS. Your data will be protected by the firewall of Amazon Web Services. Additionally, your data will be safe because of the automated backups on a regular basis – updated daily, hourly and even momentarily; avoiding any unwanted corruptions by turning back to the latest backup.

Hızlı Sistem

High - Speed System

We mentioned that STOYS was service based. Service based means it makes your system flexible, meaning that when there is an excessive load on the cloud, your server capacity is improved level by level when in need, which makes your system faster and more stable, and your system never gets slower. Therefore, when you want an exam assessment for 1000 students, your request is delivered in approximately 4 seconds. When the additional load ends, STOYS starts reducing your server capacity, without any additional costs resulted from this amazing speed.

Kapsamlı Ölçme Değerlendirme

Comprehensive Assessment

We designed STOYS considering the fact that unused data does no benefit, and we improved it so that it could obtain nearly 30 Comprehensive Assessment reports. With STOYS, you can evaluate all your multiple-choice exams, see various analysis of your exams, such as question difficulty,quality, exam reliability, variances and much more. Also you can produce report cards, student development reports and various attainment based reports by school, class or student level. Most importantly, you can do all of this with just one click.

Kolay Kullanım

Convenient Usage

We improved STOYS by making the user interface based on scientific documents, and by considering the needs of consumers and current design concepts. With the help of STOYS, it is observed that users finish their daily workload in 33% less time than usual. To top it all, it requires only 5 hours of training for the user to get used to the system.

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Manage your institution through your mobile device.

STOYS is device independent, you can use STOYS from your computer, tablets or smartphones. Student affairs personnel can obtain report while walking on the road; instructors can give assignments to students while commuting; managers can control their institutions financial situation while abroad; parents can see how many days their children missed school while going to the movies.


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Annual IT Savings

32 %

Time Gained on Managerial Functions

65 %

Increased Efficiency Caused by the Integrated System

50 %


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